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Background Information

Our History

Seat of Wisdom Secondary School, Trans Ekulu, Enugu established in 1997, is the brainchild of two seasoned educationists, Chief (Mrs.) Grace Obayi, a one-time Commissioner for Education in former Anambra State and Mrs. Colette Chigbo, a retired Director of Exams in the Ministry of Education, Anambra State. These two great women of our time saw the setting up of the school as their practical contribution to the development of education in the country, Nigeria.

Inspection/Official Opening

On the 28th of August, 1997, the then Zonal Inspector of Education, Mr. E. A. Mbanusi and his counterpart, the A. 1. E. Enugu East visited the school. The inspectors, on this visit, discovered that the school already had adequate classroom accommodation. Sequel to this, provisional approval for the opening of the school was granted. On 6th October 1997, the school was officially opened. On this memorable day, the school] had as her foundation members, two students: Idoko Ifeanyi and Uzoma Hamza, three regular teachers: Mrs. Abah Christiana, Mrs. Ezemokwe Mabel and Mr. Agbo Mathew, the school caretaker: Mr. Kalu Sunday and the Principal: Mrs. Chukwu, Nkiru N. Before the end of the session, four more students were added to the population. It was an exciting beginning, a beginning full of challenges, a beginning full of faith. With Monsignor Adike, the whole school, with the strength of 11 (teachers, students and Principal) sang, danced and prayed round the school premises. The mustard seed had been planted.


The journey of a thousand steps started with discipline. The students needed to know why they had to be disciplined for certain behaviours. Self-control, self-discipline and self-confidence had to be instilled in them. It was tough but most exciting getting these little foundation children understand what discipline was all about. With time, everything was in order! No matter where these students were seen outside the school compound, they were neatly dressed, their blouses/shirts tucked in properly. One of them was offered money (a sign of encouragement) on the bus for giving his seat to an elderly woman but he refused the money with a smile, a nod of the head and the words "Thank you Sir". Discipline had taken root in the students and was ready to be handed over to the next set. The six children: Idoko Ifeanyi, Uzoma Hamza, Ononye Obiora, Chiogor Abraham, Onwuegbu Ikenna and Ehirim naemeka had become a pride to the school.

Advasory Team

On 15th February, 2000, an advisory team of Federal Inspectors of Education (numbering about eight) from the Federal Inspectorate of Education, Federal Secretariat, Enugu paid a visit to the school. This team was headed by Mr. W A. Iweama. Inspections upon inspections, pieces of advice upon pieces of advice and the school has come to stay.

Our Mission

Our mission is inculcate sound moral values in young people, make them excel in academics and acquire self confidence and holistic development.

Our Objectives

Objectives of the Schools are:

  • To pursue the National Policy on Education
  • To train up children in the fear of God
  • To build skills from the early stage of life
  • To instill self confidence in the students’ pursuit of academic excellence.

Our School Name & Moto

Our School Name

In Roman Catholics Church there is Our Lady's title named Seat Of Wisdom so the school is named after her .

Our School Motto

The motto of our school is Knowledge, Discipline and integrity and all the attributes involve have reasons and why it is been choosen to be one of our motto attributes. Knowledge: Every body knows that with knowledge you can attain any height you wish to attain once the knowledge is there, that is why we are working hard with our teachers to make sure the children have knowledge. Discipline: When one is disciplined, he/she can fit in anywhere and cope with situation around him/her at anytime. Integrity: People who have integrity are always loved and trusted. We want these virtues to be inculcated in our students so that they will be oustanding wherever they go.

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